Presidential Contender ‘Resents’ Muslims

22 Mar
Herman Cain

Herman Cain, a Republican Presidential Contender, is gaining momentum in his hapless attempt to become the Republican nominee. As a relative unknown, what better way to ratchet up support and name recognition than to say he ‘resents’ Muslims? Fox Nation covered the story

Mr. Cain qualifies his disdain of a considerable segment of the American population by stating that he makes his judgment “upon the little knowledge that [he has] of the Muslim religion.”  When asked why he resents Muslims, Cain said, “…You know, they have an objective to convert all infidels or kill them.”

Though we know Herman Cain probably won’t even make it on to the primary ballots in Iowa or New Hampshire, Tea Party Patriots MUST denounce this myopic rhetoric. If we are going to focus on an agenda that reduces the deficit, empowers entrepreneurship, and elevates the importance of family values, we need to stop playing into the hands of the main stream liberal media. Let’s be honest here… even though the Tea Party is a sincere grassroots populist movement with a very serious agenda, there is an element that exists OUTSIDE our ranks that is conspiracy-prone, on the fringe, and dare I say it, racist *gasp*. Unfortunately, these are the same buffoons who get interviewed by MSNBC on a daily basis to bring down our movement. What better way to debunk a majority of Americans than to point at the Tea Party’s version of the village idiot?

Herman Cain is a self-made man who should be a role model to all Americans. His story shows us how a little bit of faith and some elbow-grease can allow a someone to go from a nobody to one of the most important and influential people in his field. Instead of focusing on the story of an African-American man that has garnered Tea Party support based on his actions, his fear-mongering anti-Islamic message works only to energize the faux Tea Party village imbeciles.


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