Drawing the Line: When Criticizing an American Soldier is Acceptable

24 Mar

Despicable and Inexcusable

“The plan was to kill people…” — Corporal Jeremy Morlock to the Judge

Corporal Jeremy Morlock, of Wasilla, Alaska admitted to killing for fun in Afghanistan and admitted that they were neither accidental nor justifiable. Morlock only got 24 years with the possibility of parole. Personally I think he should be executed by firing squad but he was likely given a deal so he can testify against other soldiers that were involved.

Situations like this should remind us what the costs of war include. The American Military is the most capable and ethical fighting force in the world. But as we know all too well, there will always be a few rotten apples in the bunch. It is a shame that innocent people were killed at the hands of American soldiers, and I hope that these people are brought to justice. With that said, acts like this should not bring down the integrity of our brave young men and women who put their butts on the line every day.

Unfortunately, this case will certainly have long term repercussions for the US and our PR campaign in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. For all the security, stability, and opportunities for freedom the US has brought, incidents like this fuel the extremist groups that are hell bent on imposing their draconian ideologies in any regime that takes power. As Patriots, it is important for us to find that balance of supporting our troops while making sure we show zero tolerance to monsters like Jeremy Morlock and his murderous comrades.


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