New Census Data: 64% of the Country is White

24 Mar


That's a huge B----!

Unlike some of my non-minority counterparts in the Tea Party, I’m not too alarmed by the new trends. According to the latest US Census, the proportion of non-Hispanic Whites has dropped from 69% to 64%. Along with Whites, Blacks’ proportion of the total population is decreasing as well. Blacks represent approximately 12% of the population. So where is much of the population increase coming from?

Hispanics and Latinos represent the group with the largest growth. This shouldn’t be too surprising. Of the 10-20 million illegal immigrants that are in the country, approximately 75% hail from Mexico and Central America. Also, legal resident Hispanics and Latinos appear to have higher birth rates than the population at large. What is surprising is that Hispanic populations doubled in states like Alabama, Virginia, and North Carolina. Should we be concerned? I would say yes and no. Clearly, we have to limit the flow of illegal immigration. Don’t believe all the nativist hype. Illegal immigrants do contribute to the country and are generally a hard working group. Unfortunately, there are a lot of thugs, gangsters, and drug dealers as well. Some of them might as well be classified as domestic terrorists; they leach off of the welfare State, do not contribute to society, and worst of all, they bring down hardworking Hispanics with strong family values. This is why I don’t think Hispanic immigration is as bad as some other Tea Party supporters. As Hispanics start their 2nd and 3rd generations in America, we have to hold steady and embrace the conservative and hard-working aspects of their cultures. We must be patient and not be quick to paint the complicated cultural/racial segment with a broad brush.

Asians were the other large growth segment. Asians include both South and East Asians. The vast majority of this group is legal. More so, the Asian segment amongst the most educated and hardworking segments in our country. As a South Asian myself, I am very proud of the contributions we are making. Now that we are getting into 2nd and 3rd generations, we are finding the perfect balance of patriotism and love for our separate cultural and religious identities.

Foreign policy aside, both Hispanics and Asians generally embrace a more conservative ideology. If these population trends continue, it is important to hold back the impulsive (and sometimes racially motivated) conclusions we make and understand there are many different groups that are contributing to the United States in their own unique way. Some of these groups are still a little bit under-tapped. I appeal to my fellow Tea Party Patriots and hope that we can continue to embrace LEGAL immigration and understand just how much immigration gives us an edge over other countries.

To read more about US census data, click here.


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