Are Socialists Using Peanuts to Take Over?

28 Mar

Give me PBJ or give me... death?


In Volusia County, Florida, Parents are picketing a girl with peanut allergies to withdraw from a local elementary school. Though peanut allergies are fairly common (the allergy affects 1 in 50 children), this student’s allergy is so severe, even trace amounts remaining in another child’s mouth can set off her allergy if she is breathed on too heavily. As a result, the school requires children to repeatedly wash their hands during the day and rinse out their mouths right when they come to school and right after lunch time (the school has also gone peanut free).

In effect, the whole school has to make sacrifices so a student with a hypersensitive peanut allergy can attend the public school. Also, various medical opinions have come out and said that the forced mouth-washing practice is overkill. At what point are sensitivities so extreme that we must bend over backwards to make accommodations? Isn’t it already bad enough that children are being forced to give up All-American staples like the PBJ sandwich?

Let me be clear… peanut allergies are very serious and it saddens me that this little girl will have to live the rest of her life in fear of coming in contact with even trace elements of peanuts. But at the same time, what is going to happen once this girl leaves school? Her parents are in for a rude awakening if they think they can create a peanut-free utopia. What’s next, requiring that all windows in elementary schools remain closed because one child in the school has a severe reaction to bee stings? (There are two recurring themes here: large-scale collective sacrifice and questionable effectiveness)

Clearly, there are certain distinctions that should be held in higher esteem then others. For example, life threatening ailments should require additional collective sensitivity to abnormal and unreasonable religious practices, i.e. kosher dietary options vs. complete kosher kitchen. Interested to see how this plays out.

To read more about the situation, click here.


One Response to “Are Socialists Using Peanuts to Take Over?”

  1. Jerk March 28, 2011 at 12:05 #

    “race elements of peanuts.” [sic]


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