Companies Putting Food In Small Packaging to Hide Inflationary Cost Increases

29 Mar

It's okay. Recessions happen to lots of guys!

What a great way to hide increased costs. Though different companies have different strategies, one thing is certain: customers don’t notice small variations in size as much as they  notice differenes in price. My favorite tactic:

“Proctor and Gamble is expanding its “Future Friendly” products, which it promotes as using at least 15 percent less energy, water or packaging than the standard ones. They are more environmentally friendly, that’s true — but they’re also smaller,” said Paula Rosenblum.”

In all honesty, the US could probably use smaller serving sizes. Instead of legislation-driven obesity awareness, how ’bout we tighten the belt by tightening the belt?

To read more about some of the inflation-related tactics that businesses are employing, see the NYTimes article by clicking here.


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