20 and 30 Somethings Moving Back to the Inner-City

6 Apr

Trading 40's and Blunts for Boxed Wine and Vaporizers?

USA Today published an article today about the growing trend of college educated people that are moving back to the cities. What’s truly amazing is that the trend doesn’t only apply to the big name cities young college grades tend to move to (NYC, San Fran, DC, Boston, etc). Even rust belt cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinatti, Baltimore, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh are experiencing growth.

This is very exciting. Many of these cities were left to die with the growth of the suburbs, loss of industrial jobs to the third-world, and the general population migration toward the sunbelt. Further, violent crimes and drugs made most of areas decrepit and unlivable. It is great to see the younger generation of Americans taking initiative in moving back. Property values are low and the potential for growth is exponential. Many of the older cities have the foundation for a beautiful cityscape where inhabitants can live/work, rely on public transportation, and start their own small businesses.

The United States seriously needs to refocus its efforts from building unsustainable suburban growth and start moving back into the cities. The infrastructure already exists. Between old style buildings, the dearth of affordable housing, and the art/music/events/restaurants that are already centered in downtown areas, why not?


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