McDonalds to hire 50,000 new employees: Boon to the economy or a double-patty, sesame seed sprinkled, secret sauce having load of crap?

7 Apr

Michelin Man at Age 4

McDonalds is hoping to hire 50,000 workers in one day. The company said it is making the push to bring in new workers because more and more franchises are making the push to become 24 hour locations.

According to an article in CSM online, the average McDonalds employee earns $8.30/hr while management has the potential of earning up to $50,000/yr. It is fair to assume that the vast majority of the jobs will be closer to the $8.30/hr range and without benefits. Just to put that in perspective, if a person made McDonald’s their full-time gig on those wages, they would stand to gain a whoppering $17,264/yr. If a single mother of three tried relied on $17,264/yr, her wages would be significantly lower than the poverty threshold ($22,350).

This got me thinking… The American consumer is demanding ridiculously cheap food, regardless of qualityor effect on health, and are willing to overlook the poverty level employment devoid of benefits for a large underclass of unskilled labor. How does McDonalds justify paying low wages? Well first and foremost, the demand is there. Efficiency gains, the scale of the operations (nevermind low quality of product), and the extremely low cost of unskilled labor (some of it driven down by illegal immigration), allow for a dollar menu and all the McNuggets you can eat (limit 1 packet of sauce per order).

As much as we should praise McDonalds for its ingenuity, it’s important to remember McDonald’s effect on government spending. For every single mother of three that is making roughly $18,000/yr at McDonalds, the government will have to subsidize housing, living expenses, and healthcare (for at least her children). As much as reigning in excessive government spending should be a priority, how do we do that while being compassionate toward people that would literally be relegated to the street if their entitlements are cut? Personal responsibility aside, there has got to be a way to get our country back on the right track without destroying families.

But for now, if McDonalds and Father Government are the only options, beggars can’t always be choosers.


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