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NJ Governor: True Tea Party Patriot Without All the Fat

30 Mar
Okay… maybe not!

Unlike the calls of certain Islamaphobes who are tarnishing the Tea Party’s good name,  Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey clearly governs with his conscience and doesn’t buy into all the libera media-constructed hype. The man means business. Gov. Christie recently nominated Sohail Mohammed to the Superior Court of NJ. In a time where politicians (like Presidential hopeful Herman Cain) are making a stand against hiring Muslim-Americans (government jobs for now… but what’s next? First responders? Doctors? Attorneys?), Gov. Christie continues to stand by his decision to nominate Mr. Mohammed (even though he is a Muslim-AMERICAN).

This isn’t an affirmative action issue. Just like Christians, Muslims believe that one should only reap what he sows. Generally, Muslims do not support the idea of hiring someone just because of the race, gender, or religious beliefs. Here, it just so happened that a Muslim-American was the best person for the job. As we start getting to a point where it is commonplace for there to be 2nd and 3rd generation Muslim-Americans, expect there to be more of us that are competing for high profile positions.

To read more, please click here to see the article.


Sharia Part 1: What is it?

30 Mar

Before I address more practical applications of Sharia (coming soon in future posts), I wanted to address some theoretical components.

Very simply, Sharia is the law of God. Though some Muslims will say that the Qur’an has all the answers (so cliché), it certainly does not have all the laws we’ll ever need pre-casted and ready to be implemented.  So as much as Sharia has come to refer to a static set of rules and laws, it is more appropriate to view it as a system of creating laws that are divinely sanctioned.  To elaborate a little more, like many other explanations about something that is deemed Godly, Sharia is supposed to be humanity’s attempt at developing a set of laws that is close to perfect as possible (perfection equaling God).

As any true scholar of Islam will tell you, the ‘characterization’ of God more closely parallels the transcendence of Judaism than it does the personal/human God of Christianity (BTW… Muslims believe that these are all the same God). By transcendence, Muslims mean that God is wholly other and mostly incomprehensible to man. The philosophers might liken this description of God to the concept of infinity; no beginning, no end, theoretically imaginable, not completely graspable. This is probably where Kant would say that we are hardwired to understand in a context of time and space.

Okay. So Sharia is the law of God and it must aim to be Godly, yet humans can’t quite grasp the notion of God like they can’t grasp infinity?? The confusion I have brought you to is exactly the point. Fundamentally, one must understand that the Sharia law is ultimately controlled, guided, and implemented by humans. Humans are not God and they can’t exactly know whether their actions are completely Godly. However, lawmakers can commit themselves to the ideals of justice and fairness.

Upcoming Posts:

Part 2: Religious Ritual Law vs. Legal Code

Part 3: What is a fatwah? A Basic Explanation of Islamic Jurisprudence

Part 4: Why is Sharia misunderstood (and villified)?

Part 5: Is Sharia compatible with the US Constitution?

Are Hugo Chavez and Michelle Obama best friends?

28 Mar

Looks like Hugo is Advising the First Lady from Venezuela

This article was reposted on Fox nation with the side-by-side picture (at the top of the article) of President Hugo Chavez and Mrs. Obama. Really… trying to paint the First Lady as a true socialist by putting her next to Hugo Chavez? Granted, there are certainly arguments to be made regarding health care reform and opening the door for the federal government to enact personal-liberty-strangling legislation, but this is just out of hand.

As we all know very well, Mrs. Obama’s pet-project as First Lady is to reduce childhood obesity. For those of you that aren’t familiar, First Lady’s traditionally have a noncontroversial cause. Lady Bird Johnson focused on beautification/environmentalism (before it was cool to be green), Nancy Reagan had her ‘Just Say No’ program to combat illegal drugs, and former librarian Laura Bush championed literacy.

To be clear, obesity is completely out of control in the US. Aside from politically correct gluttons who are too sensitive to have a conversation about their weight, it’s universally agreed that children should get more physical exercise and eat healthier. Obesity is proven to lead to heart disease and diabetis, it affects our overall produtivity and GDP output, national security is weakened by having a less military ready population, and it drives up the cost of healthcare.

Now, if Mrs. Obama was jamming organic foods and garnola down our throats and if Hubby-in-Chief was passing legislation to ban Fast Food, they’d have a Tea Party fight on their hands. But in all honesty, this is just about fatty awareness. As Tea Party patriots, we should be committed to the concept of parental personal responsibility that is necessary when responsibility feeding one’s children. Let’s be honest with ourselves… too many of us (yes… both Republican and Democrat) are disgustingly FAT and LAZY. Enough with the PC sensitivity about obesity.

Here is some message board fodder from the Fox Nation article:

“How easy it is for lefty radicals to discard the Presidential guidelines and anything to do with the Constitution for that matter, when it’s in support of their side. I can’t imagagine how they’d howl if this was a Republican Pres who was lying.”

“Both need to lose weight”
“moochelle, another mooslim, racist, traitor that belongs in prison”
“why don’t you liberals worry about your own dinner plate,and leave every one else alone?!first of all their are more people eating healthier food today than there used to be.secondly,when i want advise on diet and exercise i go to my doctor,not the white house!and thirdly,even the experts can’t agree on whats truly healthy food.until the obamas show me a medical degree,they can bite me!when politics gets involved in medicine thats when people pay the price with their health!and remember not all liberals are slim healthy people either,i’ve seen just as many jumbo liberals,as i have conservatives.stick that in your hash brown and eat it!”

New TV Ads questioning Obama’s Birth Certificate (ugh)

28 Mar

Check out the new TV ad questioning President Obama’s Birth Certificate.

Seriously? As a member of the Tea Party, I strongly denounce members of the movement that are focusing on the conspiracies and the birther craze. The President responded to these allegations in 2008 and even debunked the conspiracies. Instead of focusing on unemployment, health care, taxes, and personal freedoms, birthers are wasting their time buying into these whacky theories that are being pushed by opportunistic “scholars” like Jerome Corsi who are just trying to make a buck. Also, by having a significant portion of the Tea Party seemingly hell bent about something that has repeatedly been proven to be untrue, it gives fuel to the left wing media to tarnish our noble cause by painting us as wingnuts.  

Here are some Message Board highlights from the Fox Nation link to the video clip:

“Oh for Goodness sake. Just present the birth certificate already”

“Rather than seeing his occupancy of the Office of President legitimized, as impeachment would, I’d prefer to see the SOB ousted as illegitimately occupying the office due to his lack of qualifying citizenship. But for that to happen we would need members of our courts to actually support Constitutional Principles were his eligibility not be upheld by evidence. Corsi has spent a number of years researching. He is outlining all the facts in a book that I can’t wait to see. I will gladly pay the price for his book.”

“Laugh it up if you think it’s funny but if you were a true independant then you too would demand that the Constitution be adhered to instead of grabbing at straw to cover for this massive fraud.”

“Been trying to tell all these worthless liberals that the illegal Kenyan needs to be executed for treason …portraying an American president !”

Are Socialists Using Peanuts to Take Over?

28 Mar

Give me PBJ or give me... death?


In Volusia County, Florida, Parents are picketing a girl with peanut allergies to withdraw from a local elementary school. Though peanut allergies are fairly common (the allergy affects 1 in 50 children), this student’s allergy is so severe, even trace amounts remaining in another child’s mouth can set off her allergy if she is breathed on too heavily. As a result, the school requires children to repeatedly wash their hands during the day and rinse out their mouths right when they come to school and right after lunch time (the school has also gone peanut free).

In effect, the whole school has to make sacrifices so a student with a hypersensitive peanut allergy can attend the public school. Also, various medical opinions have come out and said that the forced mouth-washing practice is overkill. At what point are sensitivities so extreme that we must bend over backwards to make accommodations? Isn’t it already bad enough that children are being forced to give up All-American staples like the PBJ sandwich?

Let me be clear… peanut allergies are very serious and it saddens me that this little girl will have to live the rest of her life in fear of coming in contact with even trace elements of peanuts. But at the same time, what is going to happen once this girl leaves school? Her parents are in for a rude awakening if they think they can create a peanut-free utopia. What’s next, requiring that all windows in elementary schools remain closed because one child in the school has a severe reaction to bee stings? (There are two recurring themes here: large-scale collective sacrifice and questionable effectiveness)

Clearly, there are certain distinctions that should be held in higher esteem then others. For example, life threatening ailments should require additional collective sensitivity to abnormal and unreasonable religious practices, i.e. kosher dietary options vs. complete kosher kitchen. Interested to see how this plays out.

To read more about the situation, click here.

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