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Is America Responsible for Free Speech Limitations by Tyrants in the Middle East?

30 Mar

For the good of the sultan!

As more Middle Eastern Kings, Sultans, and “Presidents” face mass protests and dissent, one of the first moves is to shut off access to the internet. Between Twitter, Facebook, and emails, it is much easier to share ideas, rally protests, and come up with strategies to topple oppressive regimes. Though the heads of State know that it isn’t enough to quash a rebellion, they do know that limiting access to websites enable them to put up hurdles and to unabashedly disseminate their own slanted version of the ‘truth.’

So are Americans to blame for this practice? GIVE ME A BREAK. We originally developed these technologies to keep middle school perverts from looking at porn in school. Now, almost every company out there blocks access to sites like youtube at the workplace to make sure productivity levels stay afloat. Is it immoral for American companies to sell their products to these oil baron Kings? It’s about time the left wing of this country stops blaming American ingenuity and creativity for the actions of tyrants. McAffe doesn’t censor people, tyrants censor people.

For more information, visit WSJ.com for the article.

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